Equine Lymphedema patientLymphedema is the excess accumulation of congested lymph fluid, resulting in the acute or chronic swelling of the extremities.  In horses, it is most commonly seen in the limbs (stocking up) and/or genitals.


The lymph system is more commonly known as the immune system.  When the lymphatic system has been impaired, it needs assistance in draining the retained fluid.  This will help prevent further damage to the lymph system while also reducing the risk of infection.  Severe, chronic cases of lymphedema are life threatening.  Read More about Lymphedema here.


How is it treated?


Our Lymphedema Therapist is trained to apply manual lymphatic drainage massage and decongestive therapy. 


Manual lymphatic drainage massage uses specific light hand movements (external pressure) in a specific direction to move the lymph fluid thus causing the swelling to diminish. Decongestive therapy includes manual lymph drainage massage, wrapping/bandaging, compression garments and exercises.




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